The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote in as_massive_tool,
The Vodka God

Revisiting Posts of YouTube Past

I just added updated remarks to a couple of old posts to show how you can continue to use some tricks (like audio-only embeds or colored borders) for YouTube videos, since they don't work properly with the latest version of YouTube (they updated their code to version 3 last year). Basically, you need to force YouTube to render those videos with the older version of their code by changing version=3 to version=2 in the embed code (or adding &version=2 if no version number is specified).

Embedded YouTube video, audio-only:

Embedded YouTube video with old-style colored borders:

Because of the way LJ works, if you're making any changes to the code of embedded videos in existing LJ posts (as I just did), you need to remove the <lj-embed> tags from the post before hitting the "Save Entry" button. This forces LJ to recognize the changes made to the embed code.

Tags: colors, html/css, livejournal, sounds, videos
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