The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote in as_massive_tool,
The Vodka God

“Mom, LJ’s Being a Dildo!”

   While trying to post this collection of pictures to the RandomPictures community, I kept getting an unspecified “Client error” message, and LiveJournal refused to allow the entry to be posted. After breaking it down into pieces, and trying to post each piece individually, I finally located the problem. It wasn’t an HTML error, or that the post was larger than LJ’s allowed maximum size – No, for some reason, LJ refused to post the URL indicated in the screencap below. Every other image and link was fine, but I couldn’t post my entry as long as it contained that URL. As soon as I replaced that URL with a TinyURL going to the exact same place, the post went through.
   Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? Have you found any other URLs which LJ refuses to allow you to include within a post? Do you have any idea why this URL is a resource non grata to LiveJournal? is the evil URL in question… And yes, even with the URL just appearing here as plain text, LJ still refused to allow this entry to be posted. I had to futz around with it before I could even display it. Here’s the equivalent TinyURL:
Tags: inconsistencies, livejournal, urls
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