The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote in as_massive_tool,
The Vodka God

Thanks for Nothing, LJ

   LiveJournal has once again made a whole mess of changes that nobody wanted, screwing up user's coding even further. In this post there should be space in between the pictures, and borders around those which are links – I used the exact same HTML I always use – but those elements (border="2" on the images, cellspacing="8" for the table) are not being properly displayed. I can’t even guess how many other codes and properties have been needlessly and senselessly tossed out the window.
Tags: html/css, inconsistencies, livejournal
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You can go back to the old style, at least until they force the latest release on everyone permanently.
Thanks; but of course, this means that I can't assume that other people will see my posts and comments the way that I see them, and intend them to be seen. WYSIWYG my arse.
True, true.
It looked like the changes were made to this page, where you see the post and comments, but that the friends list feed was unchanged.
When I look at that entry without the ?style=mine (so that it displays in the default style) I do see the spacing and image borders.
I was also using ?style=mine, and it didn't display correctly until I went back to the old style (from dishapeaches' link above).


May 17 2014, 16:45:10 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  May 17 2014, 16:45:28 UTC

surely they are actively trying to kill themselves?
It appears that way. This could be the last straw that drives everyone to abandon the sinking LJ-ship.
Please don't make me go to Facebook.
Please don't make me go to Facebook.
You're not there already? lol
Nope, not yet.
I wonder how long we have till it all goes to hell till we're forced to he new one.
*big sigh*
(Even importing my LJ to DW fails; it says it goes through but doesn't show my entries since the last import. *repeats sigh*
So goddamn annoying.