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The Toolbars, and Documentation

Most of the buttons on the Toolbar are simply shortcuts that duplicate exactly the corresponding functions on the menus. They simply make it easier to access those functions more quickly; with, I hope, easily recognized icons. (If you aren't sure what a button does, moving the mouse pointer over it will cause the button's name to appear.) Some exceptions to this statement are the Formatting buttons (Boldface, Italics, Underline, Text Color) which represent commonly-used segments of the "Font / Format" screen, and the various "toggle" buttons (Like Word Wrap and HTML Preview) which provide a visual display of which options are currently active or inactive.

At least, that's how they were originally created, and what happens when you click on them normally. I've given a number of them a different operation when you right-click on them with a block of text selected. This is generally a simplified shortcut version of the command. For instance, if you highlight a section of text and right-click on the "Font / Format" button, it will apply whatever settings you last selected on the "Font / Format" screen. This is useful if you want to apply the same settings to more than one block of code. The "Lists" button works the same way, applying whatever the current settings are on the "Lists" screen.

If you highlight an URL and right-click on the "Hyperlinks" or "Images" button, the Massive Tool will automatically create a no-frills link or image tag for that URL. If you highlight a LiveJournal username and right click on the "User Tags" or "LJ User / Links" button, the Massive Tool will either create a custom User Tag HTML code block (based on the defaults for that user) or simply place the user name into an <lj user=""> tag (respectively). Right-clicking on the "Text Color" button will set the background color of a block or text rather than the foreground color.

There will doubtless be more shortcuts and features like this added as time goes by. I'll be glad to answer any questions about them, or take any suggestions for new ones. And someday, I really do plan to create a documentation file to go with the Massive Tool (in standard Windows .HLP format, so it'll be indexed, searchable, etc.) but I've always got just one more thing I want to put into the program first. That's why I write out bits and pieces of documentation into this community as I go along; when it finally becomes time to create the documentation file, I plan to start by copying and pasting a lot of it from what I've already written here. And until then, you've got this community; almost all of which is ordered by category in the community's memories.

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