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[Update] Allah Sulu's Massive Tool version 3.5.6

There is a new version of Allah_Sulu's Massive Tool available, which can be downloaded either in Windows installer format (setup.exe etc.; good for first-time installers but may not work with Windows 9x/Me) or as a simple ZIP archive of files which can be extracted into your existing Massive Tool directory over the current files (in either event, make sure that you are not running the Massive Tool while you're trying to install/extract the update!) New changes include:

  • On the Edit → "Preferences…" → "Documents" tab, there is a new option for the default strikethrough code: <del>. I added this because I've seen some blog sites that prefer <del>, and may not even recognize <s> or <strike>.
  • The Edit → "Preferences…" screen has a brand-new tab called "Blacklist". I often use the Massive Tool as a sort of aggregator, for opening up a whole block of webcomic and/or news sites at once, and sometimes I'll also use it to open links on other lists, like Random Pictures or LJ Latest. However, those picture lists can sometimes contain pr0n from Russian sites, which may also carry infections (not to mention being NSFW); so I've added a "blacklist" function to the Massive Tool which will block any URL containing a substring on the list. So far, my personal blacklist contains a single element – .ru/ – meaning that the tool will neither manually or automatically open any URLs from Russia. (Note that the Blacklist tab does not currently recognize wildcards, merely substrings.) There is also a checkbox for enabling and disabling the Blacklist with a single click.

  • If you click on the "Update Icons/Tags/Groups" button on the LJ → "Post to LiveJournal…" screen, I've modified the code so that it will correctly handle icons with multiple keywords separated by commas. I never do that, so I didn't realize that there was a problem. My wife Q found that bug.
  • The Insert → "Paragraph…" screen has another option added, "Letter Space", which lets you change the  spacing between  letters.
  • The code to embed an MP3 player in your post or document can now be executed directly through the Massive Tool rather than relying upon an external Macro file. Simply paste the MP3's URL into the "Image URL" field on the HTML → "Images…" screen. It's still possible to select a different Flash MP3 player to be used by the Massive Tool for MP3s by editing the configuration files.
  • The HTML → "Tables…" screen has a new option on the "Borders" pull-down menu: HTML. This allows you to create a solid border around the table of a single color, or two colors (using one or both of the Border Color controls), of the width specified (by the number directly to the right of the "Borders" pull-down menu). This option will only work if the border width is a number greater than zero, and allows you to specify two-colored borders that work in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer.
  • I made some further tweaks to the Wiki code translator, and made "BBCodes" and "Wikipedia Codes" (on the Windows menu and the toolbar) mutually exclusive. (Just a reminder, you can right-click on either of those buttons to convert BBCodes or Wiki codes into HTML.)
  • I had to make a tweak to the "HTML Preview" window to allow form buttons to work correctly within the Massive Tool.
  • As always, there are new icons, backgrounds, and modifications to the internal language used for coding macros. A new Macro file, DocShuffle.RIM, will randomly change the order of the lines in your document.
Tags: browsers, colors, forth language, html/css, livejournal, new update!, sounds, tables, webcomics, wikipedia
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