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Userheads for Sale from LiveJournal -- Part II

In response to my questions about LJ's userheads for sale, here's the response I got back from LiveJournal:

Dear LiveJournal user allah_sulu,
Thank you for contacting us. The custom userheads currently available were chosen from a contest at [].

I remember that thread. I believe I was directed there by robby_roboter, and I found that some people had posted some of my icons there. I had no idea what was going on (the thread is in Russian, which Google translates into gobbledegook about tadpoles) – I figured it was just people showing off userheads, so I posted a few more of my own (and saved a few of the ones other people posted that I liked). I don't think I posted the one(s) of mine LJ used, but I don't feel like going through 549 comments to see who did.

As you are a well-known designer, and familiar to our Customer Care team, we trust your word that the custom userhead in question is yours.

Cool. Although I have to wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they all know who I am...

5000 LJTokens have been sent to your account. If you could provide us with links to individual custom userheads of yours, we can show them to our designers. If we decide to use any more of your custom userheads, we'll send you another 5000 LJTokens for each custom userhead.

Again, cool. I went through all the ones I have, sorted out the ones that weren't mine (and many that are), and told them to take a look.

We are happy to give you a unique custom userhead for your account. Please upload the unique custom userhead you would like to use to your ScrapBook and respond back with the direct link to it. Please remember to make sure you choose the option for the unique custom userhead image to be public (not Friends Only) when uploading it to your ScrapBook.

Well, we'll see how that works. I picked this one to be my unique custom userhead: . See how long it takes to show up here: allah_sulu.

EDIT: I forgot to mention my icon maker

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