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The Vodka God

I Like This, a Bushel and a Peck

Looks like LJ is trying out another new feature, although I don't know if it works for everyone or just the Russian users (and those who've opted into Cyrillic Services). I found out about it from robby_roboter in this post (English translation). Apparently, if you insert this code into your post:

<lj-like />

…you get this result:

You can also enter parameters, like so:

<lj-like buttons="google, facebook" />

…in case you want to select which type(s) of button to display. Presumably, buttons for other services may be available in the future.

I don't have a Facebook account, so when I view this in Firefox I only see the Google button. However, when I view this in Internet Explorer, I see both the Google and Facebook buttons – because it's in IE that my wife Q logs into Facebook, so LJ must check for cookies before displaying the buttons. So how many buttons do you see… two, one, none, more?

EDIT: Now, in IE only, I see a third button which appears to be for a Russian social networking service.

EDIT: The Russian site is named ВКонтакте, or "vkontakte" in non-Cyrillic characters. I mention that just in case anybody wants to use that as a parameter, to only allow a "like" button for that service:

<lj-like buttons="vkontakte" />

As near as I can tell, Facebook, Google, and ВКонтакте are the only services that LJ provides the "like" buttons for … so far.

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