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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, and the Massive Tool

   I just found this article the other day, and decided to look it over as it applies to my text/HTML editor, Allah Sulu’s Massive Tool. The key combinations below are described as being for Microsoft Office; but many of them are standard keyboard shortcuts that apply to most Windows programs… And I’ve already made an effort to make the Massive Tool compliant to a lot of Windows standards. (This post is primarily for my personal reference, as I will be making some mods to the next version of the Massive Tool based on this.)

   These are pretty much standard across Windows software, and three of the four are in the Massive Tool. I’ll have to add F12 as the shortcut for “save as,” though, since I don’t currently have a keyboard shortcut for that command.

   These are all in the Massive Tool already, except that the sequence at the end won’t quite work as described. The Massive Tool only has one document open at a time, so you can’t create a new one side-by-side with the current one and copy/paste between them. If you try using that sequence, it will attempt to close the current document before creating a new, blank one; which may prompt you to save the current document before the Tool can close it.

   All of these keyboard shortcuts work in the Massive Tool, but I didn’t put them there. Apparently, those standards are already built into the text object that I’m using. The only one of the above that I knew about was the Shift+Arrows shortcut, but I’ll have to remember and use the rest. I had actually put buttons on the Massive Tool’s toolbar to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the document, along with other codes to select the entire document above or below the cursor. Turns out that you can already accomplish the latter with Ctrl+Shift+Home and Ctrl+Shift+End, so I can remove the shortcuts and code that I had added to accomplish those same functions and just use the standard codes.

   The only one of the codes above which applies to the Massive Tool is the Ctrl+Z undo function. I never programmed a function for Ctrl+Delete, but when I use that in the Massive Tool, it deletes everything from the cursor to the end of the line. Shift+Delete will delete the character before the cursor, which is exactly the same thing that Backspace does. Ctrl+Backspace simply inserts a “delete” character (ASCII 0x7F) into the document. I may make Ctrl+Delete and Shift+Delete function differently in the next version of the Massive Tool. (Obviously, the Ctrl+T and Ctrl+L codes above do not apply to the Massive Tool, and have completely different functions within the Tool.)

   These functions don’t really apply to the Massive Tool at all. The first and third keyboard shortcuts function as described, but that’s because they are interpreted by the Windows operating system, not by the program in use. They are beyond my control. Ctrl+F4 does not act as described, because (as I said above) the Massive Tool does not have multiple documents open at a time. All it does is minimize either the Text or the HTML Preview pane within the Massive Tool. That key combination is within my control, however, so I could theoretically make it do something else of my choosing.
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