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[Update] Allah Sulu’s Massive Tool version 3.8.1

I just noticed that it’s been over a year since the last update of Allah_Sulu’s Massive Tool, so here’s the latest version with all of the various tweaks I’ve made since then. The new version can be downloaded in a ZIP archive of files, which can be extracted into a new folder (for first-time installers) or into your existing Massive Tool directory over the current files (make sure that you are not running the Massive Tool while you’re trying to install/extract the update).

New changes to the Massive Tool include:

  • The “Edit → Select to Top” and “Edit → Select to End” commands have been removed from the menu, as well as the associated arrow buttons from the toolbar (which allowed movement or selection to top/end depending on whether you clicked or right-clicked) because all the code I wrote for those options duplicated capabilities already in Windows, as explained here. To move to top/bottom, click Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End; to select from the cursor to the top/bottom, click Ctrl-Shift-Home and Ctrl-Shift-End. (Related: “File → Save As…” now has F12 as its shortcut key.)
  • Also, Ctrl-Delete will delete a word to the right of the cursor, and Shift-Delete will delete a word to the left of the cursor (in both cases stopping when a space character or line break is hit).
  • On the “Document” tab of the “Edit → Preferences…” screen, two new options have been added to the “Quotes” pulldown menu: ❛Heavy Single❜ and ❝Heavy Double❞ quotation marks. These are accessed by selection a block of text and then clicking CTRL-Q or clicking on the Toolbar button with the quotation marks. (If you have double quotation marks selected, then right-clicking on that button will give you the corresponding single quotes, and vice versa.)
  • The “Insert → Line Break” command has been removed from the menu and toolbar, and can now be accessed (inserting one or more <br /> tags into the editor) simply by hitting CTRL-M.
  • The Blockquote button has also been removed from the “Insert” toolbar, as the <blockquote> tags are already an option on the “Paragraph” button (as well as through the “Insert → Paragraph…” menu option). Right-clicking on the “Paragraph” button applies whatever settings were last selected on the “Insert → Paragraph…” screen without re-involing the screen.
  • On the “HTML → Anchor / Links…” screen, a couple of additional options (overline and double) have been added to the “Underline” menu.
  • A “Scrollbox” button has been added to the “HTML → Font…” screen, which works in conjunction with the “Height” and “Width” parameters (which are also used by the “Marquee” command, so that “Marquee” and “Scrollbox” are mutually exclusive) as well as most of the other options on that screen. See more about scrollboxes here.
  • I have improved the embedding codes on the “HTML → Images…” screen. In addition to images like JPEGs and GIFs, you can enter the URLs of media files like MP3s, SWFs, and MP4s; the Massive Tool can generate <embed> codes for them, along with HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags where appropriate. This capability already existed for some of those file types, but the list has been expanded and the HTML5 tags have been added. Use the “Width” and “Height” attributes on the “HTML → Images…” screen to resize the embedded content.
  • Some of the options on the “HTML → Lists…” screen have changed.
  • There are a couple of new options for the “LJ → LJ Like…” command. They aren’t listed in the LJ FAQ yet, but you can now specify Tumblr and Surfingbird instead or or in addition to the other social networking sites. (It’s possible that there are even more choices available, but we won’t know for sure what the full list is until LJ updates their FAQ.)
  • The “LJ → Display LJ Tags” command and associated toolbar button have been removed. Most of this functionality can be duplicated by executing the Filter-LJ.RIM macro file.
  • The “Window → Open All Links” option has been removed from the menu and the toolbar; this operation can be activated with a simple macro contained in the openlinks.rim file.
  • There are also no longer toolbar buttons for the “Window → Tile Horizontally” or “Window → Tile Vertically” options, although there are new key combinations (CTRL-ALT-H and CTRL-ALT-V, respectively) for those options.
  • The “Color” selection window, which appears throughout the Massive Tool, now has five “Random” buttons next to the inputs. The button next to the color name pulldown will select one of the 140 color names at random. The buttons next to the red, green, and blue inputs will each select a number from zero through 255 for that color. Finally, the button next to the HTML input (with the hex code) will select one of the 216 “web safe” colors. (Use the three buttons for red, green, and blue to randomly select one of the 16,777,216 colors available rather than a subset of the full spectrum that the names or hex code buttons provide.)
  • The built-in FORTH-based language has been tweaked a bit. Make sure to replace all of the old RIM files with new versions (also included in the ZIP archive).
Tags: colors, flash/shockwave, forth language, html/css, images, lists, livejournal, new update!, unicode, windows
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