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Japanese Emoticons

Ganked this link from woofiegrrl, and decided (for the heck of it) to make a table of them using the Tool - so that they can be copied and pasted (the page uses pictures of the emoticons, not characters):

EmoticonMeaning / DescriptionNihongoCopy and Paste from here
(^_^)Smilingniko niko(^_^)
(*^_^*)Blushing while smilingnikott(*^_^*)
\(^o^)/Raising hands and saying "Wow!"Wa~~i!\(^o^)/
(>_<)Ouch! (indicates pain or failure)Itai!(&gt;_&lt;)
\(ⓞoⓞ)/Surprised with eyes wide openGyaaa~~!\(&#9438;o&#9438;)/
p(^^)qWishing good luck (holding a banner and cheering)Ganbare!p(^^)q
(T_T)Crying facenaki gao(T_T)
(•_•?)I don't understandhate(&bull;_&bull;?)
(^_^)VVictory! (making the V sign)Pi~~su!(^_^)V
((∩_∩;)PExpressing defeat (waving a white flag)maitta((&cap;_&cap;;)P
(p_-)Magnifying glass (trying to uncover a secret)mushi megane(p_-)
(↑o↑)Tears of happinessnaki warai(&uarr;o&uarr;)
(^-^)bIsn't it? (Don't you agree?)Ne!(^-^)b
(-_-)Getting angry without showing it outsidemutt...(-_-)
(^_^;)Speechless (cold sweat)...(^_^;)
(^∧^)Asking for a favor (hands together in front of face)Onegai!(^&and;^)
(•_• )( •_•)What are you looking for?kyorokyoro(&bull;_&bull; )( &bull;_&bull;)
(-O-O-ƒ)Who? (Someone wearing glasses, with a scar)furyou(-O-O-&fnof;)
(@_@)Dizzy, giddyme ga mawaru(@_@)
((((((^_^;)Leave secretly (uncomfortable)susususutt...((((((^_^;)
(>_< )( >_<)Strong denial, shaking headbun bun(&gt;_&lt; )( &gt;_&lt;)
_φ_(. . )Writing a memo with a penmemo wo suru_&phi;_(. . )
( ^_^)/♢☆♢\(^_^ )Cheers! (toasting with glasses)Kanpai!( ^_^)/&#9826;&#9734;&#9826;\(^_^ )
m (_ _) mSorry / Please take care of that affair for meGomen / yoroshiku onegaishimasum (_ _) m
o(^_-)OGentle punch as a sign of encouragementPaanchi!o(^_-)O
W(`O`)WRoaring in angerGaooooh!W(`O`)W
(^3^)-☆Chu!Sending a loud kissChutt!(^3^)-&#9734;Chu!
(^.^)/~~~Goodbye (waving a handkerchief) (^.^)/~~~
(;_;)/~~~Tearful goodbye (;_;)/~~~
(-.-)y-.oOCigarette breaktabako(-.-)y-.oO
(^_-)db(-_^)Making a promise by linking little fingersyubikiri(^_-)db(-_^)
\(^o\)(/o^)/Let's danceodori\(^o\)(/o^)/
∪ • I • ∪Doginu&cup; &bull; I &bull; &cup;
ζ°John Lennon &zeta;&deg;
( · x · )Miffi - rabbit character created by Dick Brunanijntje( · x · )
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