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Allah Sulu's Massive Tool

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This community is for discussing Allah Sulu’s Massive Tool, a Windows-based text/HTML editor on steroids with some specific functions for use with LiveJournal (including, but not limited to, customized LJ User tags and creation of LJ Polls. It can also be used to edit HTML for other web pages and sites – including the creation or editing of the user’s own web pages. It also allows for the use of Wikipedia and BBCodes for forums which use those coding systems. The Massive Tool can also be used as a text editor, webcomic reader, FORTH interpreter (a scripting language based on FORTH is built into the Massive Tool, and can be used to automate a variety of tasks which operate upon the text in the Tool or download batches of files from the internet), et al. Among the many HTML functions in the Massive Tool are list and table generation, and a variety of text effects – colors, borders, backgrounds, special çhâråç†ë®s, and more!  (    

Comments and questions, advice and suggestions, are all on-topic. Requests for image files to be used by the Massive Tool, or displays of images created for it are also on-topic. (When displaying images you’ve created, specify whether or not other people are welcome to use them; and if so, whether they should link directly to your images and/or whether they should copy them into their own server space.) Discussion and requests based upon the scripting language or any other function of the Massive Tool are also on-topic. A large collection of images can be seen on the ASMT reference pages.

Macintosh/Linux users, as well as anyone else who just wants to see the icons or generate LJ User tags with different images (without having access to all of the other features of the Massive Tool) can generate the HTML required by using the reference pages. Note that Allah Sulu is not entirely to blame for the name of this program…



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